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Vilatouch Forex – What is it?

Vilatouch Forex is a website dedicated to finding the best forex trading resources and leveraging them to make you a better forex trader. The best traders didn’t necessarily become the best because they can pick the best entries. They tend to become the best because they are able to manage their risk. That is to say, they are good at making money grow, and keeping their earnings. That is ultimately your target as an aspiring trader. If you cannot reach that target, you cannot hope to succeed in trading.

Vilatouch Forex is based on a couple core principles in trading. A trader requires three components:

Bucks: Money with which to trade

Brains: A trading system with which to manage that money, and covers every scenario imaginable.

Balls: The courage to believe in your trading system, and the ability to follow through.

If you are missing any of those three core components, you cannot expect to succeed as a trader. Now where can you get those components? Bucks are fairly straightforward. A trading system (brains) can be found for free just about anywhere, but balls are hard to find. Vilatouch Forex believes that balls cannot be found, or bought, or read about. The courage you need to believe in your trading system and in yourself as a trader comes from experience.

Vilatouch Forex – How can it help me?

VilaTouch Forex has developed a method to help hone your skills at managing money. There is a simple challenge that anyone hoping to become a trader should consider attempting.

  1. Toss a coin, heads long, tails short.
  2. Exit the trade when you think it is going against you.
  3. Repeat.

The purpose of the Vilatouch Forex Challenge is to help the aspiring trader become more adept at managing their risk. If you can double your money in 50 flips or less, then I consider you a good enough trader to trade using live money.

Vilatouch Forex – Where can I get it?

Vilatouch Forex Method

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